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Upper Extremity


Dr. Ron Christopher and Dr. David Robins specialize in the treatment of hand and upper extremity disorders.  Our surgeons take a comprehensive approach to restore optimal function and use of the hand and upper extremity, using modern surgical skills and technology to treat fractures, arthritis, and sports injuries of the entire hand, wrist, and forearm. In addition, the therapy that many hand injuries require to achieve the best possible outcome is easily accessible with our guidance.  They are  supported by talented and caring nurse practitioners that can expedite your work up and treatment.

Whether you have a condition such as carpal tunnel syndrome, a work or sports related injury, you can be confident in the care you will receive from the staff and doctors at ETCOE .


Common Procedures:

  • Amputations and Injuries

  • Shoulder Arthroscopy

  • Carpo-Metacarpal (CMC) Arthroplasty

  • Nerve Repair

  • Repair of Wrist and Finger Fractures

  • Fractures

  • Tendon / Ligament Reconstruction

  • Trigger Finger Release

  • Tendonitis

Common Injuries and Conditions Treated:

  • Arthritis of the Hand, Wrist, Elbow and Shoulder

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

  • Carpo-Metacarpal (CMC) Arthritis

  • Contractures of the Hand / Upper Extremity

  • Cysts

  • Dupuytren’s Disease /Contracture

  • Nailbed Injuries

  • Nerve Compression Disorders

  • Tendinitis